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Info and registration 655 6244 Open  Mon 8.00–16.00  Tues.–Thurs. 8.00–18.00  Fri 8.00–16.00

Info and registration 655 6244 Open  Mon 8.00–16.00  Tues.–Thurs. 8.00–18.00  Fri 8.00–16.00

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Geneo X Facial Treatments

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Geneo X

Geneo X is a groundbreaking facial treatment system that triggers naturally beautifying processes within your skin. Based on the most natural and essential element – Oxygen.

Geneo X introduces established technologies into aesthetics clinics, offering the clinical benefits of 4 potent technologiesOxyGeneo, TriPollar RF, ESA, and Ultrasound. Each technology can be used separately to enjoy its specific activity or combined for a full synergetic effect.

Our treatments feature a variety of natural formulations with outstanding active ingredients for all skin needs. The Geneo X provides immediate and long-lasting results-for every age, every skin type, every season. We welcome you to fall in love with your skin again.



The patented technology has a triple action that creates ideal conditions to transform skin from the inside out. Triggering the physiological processes responsible for increasing Oxygen levels in the skin, while simultaneously exfoliating the skin and preparing it for the absorption of active ingredients.

CO2 created during the treatment diverges the natural CO2 balance on the skin, triggering the body to react by increasing blood flow and delivering Oxygen from within to the area. This increased blood flow improves microcirculation, rebalances the CO2/Oxygen levels, and surges the skin with freshness and energy while infusing the skin with active ingredients, such as red algae, charcoal, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and blue spirulina.


The OxyPod is a capsule of potent active ingredients ready to be unleashed through groundbreaking patented technology. Activated by our unique Geneo Primer Gel, the OxyPod unlocks natural oxygenation from within, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

All our OxyPod formulations are based on naturally and fairly sourced active ingredients, maintaining them in a state that best preserves their potency and activity. The OxyPods and Serums are clinically tested and do not include artificial coloring or perservatives.


Triggering skin renewal by controlled heating of the dermis through safe delivery of RF energy and stimulating production of Collagen and Elastin fibers.


ESA (Electrical Skin Activation) is a unique proprietary technology targeting deep skin layers for activation of the natural healing mechanisms and re-activation of senescent (sleeping) skin cells. ESA is the first-ever technology to enhance skin elasticity through simultaneously by electrical impulses and and RF energy.


Improving blood flow and absorption of active ingredients by applying Ultrasound waves to the skin, creating vibration to increase permeability of the stratum corneum and and improve skin nutrition


Our massage treatment is designed to reduce redness and puffiness, while sculpting and encouraging the infusion of Geneo’s beneficial active ingredients.

Multi-Stimulation Treatments

Geneo treatments execute the methodology of multi-stimulation, working in synergy to trigger natural skin rejuvenating mechanisms and improve the skin’s elasticity, appearance, and volume.

  1. OXYGENEO stimulates cell renewal using the Bohr effect.
  2. TRIPOLLAR RF stimulates Collagen enhancement through volumetric heating.
  3. ESA Stimulates fibroblasts through potential differences created by the electrical current.

Geneo X Facial Treatments


Geneo Balance treatment purifies and soothes oily skin and improves its texture and appearance.

The Geneo Balance OxyPod includes Bamboo Charcoal for a detoxifying effect, Camu-Camu extract for vitamins and antioxidants, and Mandelic Acid for treating acne-prone skin.

The Geneo Balancing Serum completes the treatment effect with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and purifying ingredients such as Salicylic acid, Peptides, Jojoba and Argan oils, Vanilla and Horsetail extracts and Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate.


Geneo Revive refreshes dull skin, reduces fine lines and improves overall skin texture and appearance

The Geneo Revive OxyPod includes Red Algae a powerful antioxidant with an anti-aging effect, and also Caffeic Acid and Retinol, known to treat signs of aging and assist in skin rejuvenation.

The Geneo Reviving Serum completes the treatment effect with additional ingredients that encourage collagen production and reduce signs of aging, like Peptides complex and Edelweiss, as well as nutrients and vitamins such as Jojoba and Argan oil complex, Vanilla and Horsetail extract complex.


Geneo Detox treatment reinforces the skin’s protective barriers against free radicals and other environmental damages, thus delaying the appearance of aging signs.

The Geneo Detoxifying OxyPod includes powerful antioxidants like Copper Gluconate and Green Tea Extract that protect the skin from environmental damages, as well as tighten, refine, and clarify it, to ensure well-balanced, fresh, and rejuvenated complexion.

Geneo Detoxifying serum provides a complementary purifying and protecting effect that supports and maintains the results achieved by the Detoxifying OxyPod Oxygenation treatment, with active ingredients such as Allantoin, Vitamin E, Unique calming complex, Marula Oil and White Water Lily Extract.


Geneo Hydrate treatment refreshes and revives dry and dull skin, leaving it moisturized, glowing and replenished.

The Geneo Hydrating OxyPod includes Blue Spirulina, Niacinamide and Lactobionic Acid, working together to hydrate, replenish and improve skin’s moisture retention abilities, resulting in a glowing, refreshed, and younger-looking complexion.

Geneo Hydrating serum provides a complementary refreshing, reviving and hydrating effect that supports and maintains the results achieved by the Hydrating OxyPod oxygenation treatment, with a unique hydrating complex and active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Hyaluronic Acid, Aquaxyl, Marula Oil, and Riboxyl.


Geneo Illuminate unifies skin tone, improves pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin.

The Geneo Illuminate OxyPod includes Kojic Acid and Vitamin C for an even skin tone effect, as well as Opuntia fruit extract and Carrot Extract for moisturizing and smoothening the skin.

The Geneo Illuminating Serum completes the treatment effect with powerful brightening ingredients such as Tree Bark Extract and Amino acid derivatives, and moisturizing ingredients and nutrients like Triglycerides, Jojoba and Argan oil complex, and Vanilla and Horsetail extract complex.


Geneo Retouch provides a fresh start to your skin, with a dual peeling effect that exfoliates it, clarifies the pores, and encourages the skin cells’ renewal. Its highly- effective formulation of AHA, BHA and PHA acids targets fine lines, skin blemishes, and uneven texture, resulting in a smooth and radiant complexion

The Geneo Retouch OxyPod offers the unique triple effect of natural oxygenation, exfoliation and absorption of active ingredients. With ingredients like Succinic, Mandelic and Salicylic acids and Bilberry extract, a potent antioxidant used to protect the skin.

Geneo Retouching serum provides a complementary revitalizing and moisturizing effect that supports and maintains the results achieved by the Retouching OxyPod treatment, with active ingredients such as AHA, Lactic acid, and complexes of
oils and extracts uniquely developed for this serum. The result is a silky, radiant, glowing complexion that is shine-free.



Geneo Glam introduces an extraordinary treatment sensation combined with elevated efficacy, that firms and hydrates the skin, taking it toward new levels of rejuvenation and vitality.

The Geneo Glam OxyPod includes luxurious ingredients like pure gold flakes, peptide complex and Silk amino acids that energize the skin, prevent loss of collagen, and increase its elasticity. The result is smooth, well-replenished, firm and toned skin.

Geneo Glam serum provides a complimentary rejuvenating, hydrating and replenishing effect that supports and maintains the results achieved by the Glam OxyPod oxygenation treatment, with active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip and Marula oils.

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