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Info and registration 655 6244 Open  Mon 8.00–16.00  Tues.–Thurs. 8.00–18.00  Fri 8.00–16.00

Info and registration 655 6244 Open  Mon 8.00–16.00  Tues.–Thurs. 8.00–18.00  Fri 8.00–16.00

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Turman Eye Clinic in Järve

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The spring of 2021 brings us a happy start – we are working in a new location with wider and more flexible opportunities. But we still have plenty of time for you, because this is where YOUR PERSONAL DOCTOR is waiting for you. Quality and professional service are always important to us. In order to value the personal approach, the clinic will be named after its founder (Krista) Turman from April 2021.



years of experience

The eye clinic was founded as a separate institution on February 1, 2004.

24 000

yearly visits

On average, we serve 2,000 patients a month. Nevertheless, we keep the queues as short as possible. We have separate registration phone numbers for emergencies, injections, and diabetes patients.


patients from neighboring countries

Thanks to our competent doctors and reasonable prices, we are also valued by our neighboring countries. People from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Estonian-based individuals from embassies, and many foreigners living and working in Estonia have found their way to the clinic.

10 500

diagnostic examinations

In 2021, we conducted a total of 10,691 studies, including studies on diabetes, angiography, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


yearly eye injections

The demand for eye injections has demonstrated a growing trend over the years. Eye injections in our clinic are performed by an experienced specialist, Anna Jaroslavtseva, who has been trained at Moorfield, Leeds, and Tallinn eye clinics.



Our ophthalmologists are experienced, each of whom specialises in a narrower field. In this way, the patient can be sure that they will be in the good hands of the specialist and undisputed professional they need.


pediatric ophthalmologists

Experienced, patient, and cheerful pediatricians take care of the eye health of our adolescent patients.



In our clinic, optometrists work alongside ophthalmologists. In addition to everything glasses-related, optometrists also perform eye examinations. Thanks to additional training and practice, they are the closest and best assistants to our doctors.


ophthalmic nurses

The role of ophthalmic nurses as assistants to ophthalmologists has become increasingly important. Your nurse will check your vision, measure your intraocular pressure, and perform tests and examinations. The nurses at our eye clinic have received special training to advise you and monitor your treatment.



The administrators are ready to answer all your questions and find the most suitable time for the appointment. By registering at the reception, you will reach the specialist you need. This way, we can keep the queues as short as possible.


international consultants

The diagnosis and treatment of more complex cases often requires a "second opinion." Our British, German, Israeli, and French colleagues are invaluable to us as consultants. In addition to daily medical work, they also provide us with further training.



It is crucial for a doctor to be aware of the latest scientific achievements and the most important news in their field. Our doctors often participate in international conferences and training courses.

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