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Eye Strain and Fatigue

Eye fatigue and tension can develop without you even noticing it. Due to rapid, technology-rich lifestyles, we all too often perform activities that strain the eyes and cause discomfort.

Eye Strain

  • discomfort in the eyes
  • blurred vision
  • difficulty focusing far to near
  • watery eyes
  • dry eyes
  • a poking sensation in the eyes
  • headaches
  • the sensation that cooperation of your eyes requires effort
  • loss of 3D/stereo vision
  • shoulder or neck pain
  • sensitivity to light

Daily Activities That May Cause Eye Strain

  • reading
  • writing
  • driving
  • working with a computer
  • playing video games
  • wearing the wrong glasses or glasses that aren’t yours
  • the onset of diseases

Spending too much time in front of any electronic screen is tiring for the eyes. Take precaution when using:

  • computers
  • mobile phones
  • electronic tablets
  • watching television
  • e-readers

Avoiding Eye Fatigue

You can try the following remedies to relieve eye discomfort:

  • using artificial tears
  • warm compress on closed eyes
  • when you have to work with a screen, take regular breaks
  • blinking more
  • using an air humidifier in dry indoor environments
  • sleep – it helps to heal daily damage
  • eye exercises

To reduce eye strain, try changing the way you work:

  • take a break from your computer
  • decrease screen time
  • find the right location for your computer
  • make sure the chair is the correct height for the keyboard
  • minimise screen reflection and glare
  • correct lighting – not too dim or too bright
  • test different background colors for the screen
  • increase font size

When to See an Optometrist?

If symptoms persist after changing your habits, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Persistent eye fatigue may indicate the need to:

  • start wearing contact lenses or glasses
  • updating the prescription for your glasses
  • ask for information about glasses for work that are specially designed for a computer screen
  • stop using several screens, especially if one of them is situated higher than the eyes
  • receive a specialist’s evaluation and opinion