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Info and registration 655 6244 Open  Mon 8.00–16.00  Tues.–Thurs. 8.00–18.00  Fri 8.00–16.00

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Glaucoma Surgery

Pille Tein


Surgical treatment is indicated when medical or laser therapy is ineffective or cannot be performed. The appropriate method to be used is determined by analysing the angle of the anterior chamber and the stage of glaucoma. Glaucoma surgeries are performed in our clinic by Dr. Pille Tein.

Dr. Pille Tein and Dr. Aleksei Detotšenko during a glaucoma surgery.

Trabeculectomy is the most commonly performed method of glaucoma surgery. For 6 weeks post-operation, continued follow-up care and monitoring, as well as special procedures to regulate intraocular pressure, are required. The procedures regarding intraocular pressure include laser, suture lysis, and injections (if necessary).

Surgeon preparing for an operation. Even a simple hand-wash requires a functional sink.

Closed-angle glaucoma and advanced stages of glaucoma are always treated surgically. As an alternative to classical surgery, deep sclerectomy and mini-shunt operations are performed, with fewer follow-up appointments and shorter recovery times.

Nurse Kathinka Kameneva assisting Dr. Pille Tein and Dr. Aleksei Detotšenko.

Deep sclerectomy can be performed for open-angle glaucoma. The surgery duration is longer, however, all eye functions are expected to be recovered a week after the operation. Intraocular pressure can hereafter be regulated with the help of laser punctures (micro-openings draining the aqueous humor).

Operating team (from the left): Dr. Aleksei Detotšenko, nurse Kathinka Kameneva, assistant Heli Rumm and Dr. Pille Tein.

Mini-shunts have shorter surgery durations and fewer follow-up appointments. In most cases, additional treatment for glaucoma is not required after this surgery.