Dry eye is a condition in which there is a persistent lack of moisture in the eye, the cornea is not moisturised enough and this in turn causes discomfort. The so-called “dry eye” is a common problem and affects 5–35% of the population during their lifetime. Risk factors are: environmental – low air humidity, electric […]

Ophthalmologist An ophthalmologist is a specialist with a higher education who diagnoses and treats the eye health problems of both children and adults. An ophthalmologist first studies to be a general practitioner in order to be able to see the person as a whole, the relationship between individual parts of the body and health problems. […]

Optometrist Optometrists are not doctors (meaning, they do not have an MD). In Estonia, optometrists receive applied higher education at Tallinn Health Care College. The main tasks of an optometrist are: examination and correction of human visual function, fitting, manufacturing, and minor repairs of spectacles, contact lenses, and other optical aids. You have likely seen […]

Ophthalmic nurses, or eye nurses, work in our clinic alongside ophthalmologists. Their role as ophthalmologists’ assistants is progressively becoming more important. Ophthalmic nurses examine your vision, measure intraocular pressure, and perform tests on your eyes. If your doctor prescribes a medicine for you, the nurse will tell you more about why the medicine is necessary […]

Paid Emergency Treatment of Eye Diseases Price: 70 € PLEASE REGISTER BEFOREHAND AT 5608 7155 You can contact us on weekdays from 9:00 to 14:00 with the following problems: pink eye eye pain sudden decrease of vision within 1 month (if not due to a trauma injury) a foreign body in the eye(s) corneal foreign […]

IPL Treatment of Dry Eye Disease How does IPL treatment work? IPL treatment is performed with a device that produces intense pulsating light (flashes of light). The method is designed to suit all skin types. Light directed at the skin: stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and thereby improves the metabolism of Meibom glands and lacrimal […]

NB! Diabetic ocular fundus changes are characterised by lesions developing at the periphery of the fundus. The patient may not realise that their eyes are diseased until it has reached macular region. We offer two different examinations: Rapid Examination of Diabetic Retinopathy 35 € An optometrist will take photographs of the ocular fundus and perform an […]

Glaucoma Glaucoma is a condition of the eye that can lead to the destruction of nerve fibers and an irreversible deterioration of vision. Glaucoma can have a variety of causes, but in many cases, it is caused by an elevated intraocular pressure. Due to damage to the nerve fibers, the vision of a glaucoma patient […]