Examination Packages

We spend more and more time in front of the screens – from work to leisure, there is everything. But who hasn’t wondered, blinking their tired eyes, “Are my eyes 100% healthy?” This package is ideal for young people wishing to get their vision examined and to acquire an overview of their eye health, but […]

In general, companies and institutions employ people of various ages who need different, age-appropriate examinations. At Turman Eye Clinic, we additionally offer a significantly more personal approach to occupational health services. Depending on the specifics of your work, we will construct a special examination package according to your wishes and needs. Youth Package (Up to […]

Our eyes change with age, and their health requires greater attention than before. Many already have glasses on their noses when reading their 60th birthday cards. Therefore, it is highly recommended to examine the eyes more frequently. The Golden Years Package can also be ordered as a gift for a friend. Examinations are performed by […]

From the age of 40, changes in the eye fundus become more frequent. At this age, thorough examinations are recommended to determine the general condition of the eyes. The results of these studies remain a starting point against which later developments can be compared. If the results of the study are good, a new OCT […]